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August 15 2016

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Say no say yes to drugs to pizza? Nottingham, November 2014.

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Mannequin gathering. Nottingham, March 2015.

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Weronika: on point. London, July 2015.

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102 Petty France. London, April 2014.

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Parliament House. Valletta, Malta. October 2015. 

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anonymous asked:
what's your favourite strokes pairing?
otherspook answered:
Lol here’s my Shipping Manifesto™:

OT5 (aka all of them together) is my top favourite, though it’s rarely represented. It makes the most sense tbh, I mean with photos like these: 

#2 is Julian/Nikolai, because they go so well together and there’s so much evidence for it: “prom” photos, Nikolai’s birthday photos, that one quote where Nikolai’s like “I can understand him the best because we’re both mumblers,” and Nikolai retweeted an edit of them together on the day marriage equality was legalised in the USA.  They’re even kissing on the back of the band’s first CD

#3 is Fabrizio/Julian because … just check my fabulian tag; they are so cute together. 

#4 is Fabrizio/Nick because they’re such good friends either way and the contrast between them is so cute. “What, you got a fucking crush on me?”

#5 is Julian/Albert, which I don’t super ship but (extreme Julian level conspiracy theory mode) it is the most plausible Strokes ship. Julian and Albert, from what we have seen of them publicly, are the ones most likely to be bi. Julian and Albert have both tweeted various homoerotic things, often to each other; Julian was rumored to be prone to engaging with both men and women before he got married, and definitely was fond of kissing them; in a recent interview Albert admitted to crushing on Chris Hemsworth, and in older interviews they joked about sexual/romantic activity. They even lived together and Albert compared them to “The Odd Couple.” Additionally, Albert has a habit of framing his solo career like a breakup with the Strokes. However, if anything ever did happen between them, it definitely ended poorly considering how turbulent their relationship publicly appeared to be for a while. 

Side note: A lot of ships are Julian-centric because the band is Julian-centric. Julian/Everyone, anyone? 

Double side note: Julian/Nick was really popular in the early fandom days, according to what I’ve found in the Strokes Archive. Maybe it’s because they are the most conventionally attractive, idk. I don’t see much evidence for it, apart from Julian being touchy onstage. 

anonymous asked:
fo you read strokes fics? If yes, can you share some of your favorite ones?
otherspook answered:

Definitely! Here are some of my favourites (hosted on The Strokes Archive):


Clothes Horse – Albert and Julian go clothes shopping. Really cute. 

Squeeze – Julian/Nikolai, one of the first Strokes fics I ever read. Pure fluff.

Bizarre Love Triangle – Drew Barrymore’s take on Fabrizio/Nick. It’s cool because it’s told realistically, and the ending is amazing. Well researched. Slightly NSFW.

The Strokes Do Christmas – Exactly what it says on the tin. Julian/Nick, but pretty gen. This is probably (not) how their Christmases went.

Rumours – Not exactly fanfic, but a collection of rumours about The Strokes. Each one is a masterpiece! Beware, once you learn these things about them, you can’t come back…

Untitled One – Nikolai/Fabrizio, unrequited, and some Nikolai/Julian at the end. Bittersweet with well written dialogue. NSFW. 

Five Things That Definitely, Absolutely, Positively (Probably, Maybe) Never Happened To Ryan Gentles  – OT5 + Ryan. Very NSFW but also hilarious. Check out its sequel, The Sixth Thing (…), if you want more. 

The Best Party Ever – Fabrizo/Everyone, with a focus on Fabrizio/Nick. Very NSFW at the end but amazingly cute. It even features an NME quote, so you know it happened. Maybe. 


Summer Time Music – OT5, with main pairings of Fabrizio/Nikolai and Julian/Nick, told from Fabrizio’s point of view. Very NSFW. Does a great job portraying not only romance but friendship, and has some really touching moments. My favourite out of all of them; wish it was finished!

The Very Secret Diary of the Strokes – A fake diary about some of the antics the Strokes get up to. Features Lord of The Rings, Jeff Buckley, and Fab’s drum machine. 

Are You There God? It’s Me, Nikolai – A parody of the young adult book, with a Nick/Julian/Nikolai love triangle told from Nikolai’s point of view. Hilarious, but sadly incomplete. 

I lol’d at Untitled One, when Julian made fun of Albert & Nick jerking off XD it sorta implied that either he’s a peeping tom *violent highfive* or the other guys are open to getting off in front of him (or each other)
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a slightly better version of that cd cover with julian and nikolai kissing, because whoa

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August 13 2016

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Detail from “Young Girl with a Dove” (1869), by Charles Joshua Chaplin 

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Nie pokonujcie oceanów dla ludzi, którzy nie przeskoczyliby dla was kałuży. -Fiodor Dostojewski
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